FIVE Holdings’ leading market position and ambitious growth plans provide a fast-paced, exciting and highly rewarding working environment for all members. 

Our recruitment philosophy aims to support FIVE Holdings’ vision by attracting a talented workforce who can support our growth and drive success through dedication, innovation and commitment to results. 

We are proud of our commitment to helping our members achieve their career aspirations. In addition to an A-political and entrepreneurial working environment, FIVE Holdings’ members have access to a wide range of benefits including a generous attitude-based compensation package, Education Allowance and our Home Ownership Programme.


FIVE Holdings provides rewards opportunities that will drive high-performance culture by rewarding colleagues for their contributions to drive FIVE’s business performance. Cash based rewards may be provided based on individual and company performance and will be based on job objectives as well as valued behaviours. Demonstrating openness to new ideas, ability to collaborate as a team, commitment to achieving goals, and a desire to better one’s self are qualities which will be considered for rewards.



FIVE Holdings understands that education is vital to the development of our children and that it is the greatest impact we can pass on the next generation. Our company Education Allowance covers the costs of education for up to three children, per colleague from Kindergarten to PhD. This allowance includes all tuition fees in the UAE or abroad, regardless of the compensation package or position of the colleague. We believe in supporting our colleagues and investing in the future.




FIVE Holdings firmly believes that all our members of the company have the right to own their own home. Our home ownership programme is available to all dedicated colleagues.  Under this programme, we provide units at cost in our future developments and create an interest free plan for our members to pay a fair amount until their home is fully paid. This plan applies to each colleague regardless of compensation package or position.

If you have the ambition, energy and skills to be a part of our entrepreneurial workforce and can positively contribute towards the success of FIVE Holdings, please contact: 

Ingrid Cultivo
Manager, HR & Administration
+971 4 423 2879