“We are committed to promoting social sustainability by prioritizing equity, diversity, inclusion, and community engagement in all our actions and decisions”

True sustainability takes a holistic approach reflecting the interconnected nature of environment, society and economy. At FIVE, our sustainability strategy focuses equally on the social wellbeing of our stakeholders as it does on reducing our environmental impact. Earning three-star SPIRE Smart Building ratings marked FIVE’s achievement in not just environmental excellence but also sustainability inclusive of life and property safety, wellbeing, cybersecurity, and connectivity.

Within our top-rated smart and sustainable properties, we are continuously striving to integrate our operations through a robust framework that engages all our stakeholders – our employees and contracted workers, our suppliers and business partners, our communities and of course our customers – all of whom drive our success.

Policies, procedures and initiatives exist with respect to each of our stakeholders across the value chain aimed at safeguarding their health, safety, security, privacy, and interests. Beyond ensuring high environmental standards, FIVE extends its sustainability to include safety and wellbeing at the heart of implementing practices on responsible sourcing, operations, employee engagement and community partnerships.

In all of its interactions, FIVE encourages a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture to drive holistic, sustainable innovation.

At FIVE, we are proud to be a signatory of the UN Global Compact and wholeheartedly embrace all of its principles. By aligning ourselves with the UN Global Compact, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate social responsibility and are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world.

FIVE is proudly LEED Platinum Certified across the group reflecting healthy, efficient, carbon and cost-saving Green Buildings. FIVE is the first hotel group to be certified by UL’s SPIRE for its Smart Building performance in sustainability, power and energy, life and property safety, connectivity, and cybersecurity.

FIVE is certified to ISO standards across the board of FIVE’s operations:

Community Consciousness

FIVE is dedicated to serving and investing in the communities where we operate, contributing to the region’s broader growth and wellbeing. Taking a global and local approach, FIVE has developed relationships with charitable and non-profit partners across the world in addressing initiatives relating to environment, poverty, hunger, health, and education. Creating opportunities for our employees to directly contribute to social and environmental impact ensures our stakeholders develop the ownership and collaboration required to building lasting impact in our communities.

In our effort to promote ‘Go Local’ initiatives to contribute to social, economic and environmental stimulation in our home regions, we have implemented a company wide strategy to promote local procurement. As one example, we provide access for guests to engage with local operators providing tourism-based services on our hotel premises, including guided tours, tourist attractions, packages for other activities, and promoting local fashion designers. FIVE is proud to recognize that 90% of its total purchases are driven through local buyers across all its locations.

As a hotel group based out of Dubai and Zurich, we comply to all local regulations on employment and sourcing and encourage employment by promoting referrals, adding job posting on websites and providing all employment benefits as per local laws.

Notable initiatives from FY 2022 include:

  1. Initiated food distribution to the labour workforce at construction sites
  2. Conducted health and wellness camps
  3. Donated towels and linen to dog shelters and clothing and food to community centers
  4. Partnered with ‘Room to Read’ program to facilitate reading and learning facilities to all
  5. Maintained our long-term relationships with key hospitals in India providing heart and facial surgeries
  6. Developed environmental action initiatives participating in clean ups, recycling challenges and tree planting

As part of our long-term plan to strengthen our community engagement and partnerships portfolio, we have implemented community targets and initiatives outlined in our CSR program calendars and strategic plans. Refer to our ‘Community Engagement Report – FY 2022’ to understand the activities and initiatives undertaken by FIVE on sustainability and corporate responsibility along with the training calendar.

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Health and Safety
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Human Rights
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Data Privacy and Information Security
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Responsible Marketing
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Animal Welfare
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Cultural Heritage
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Community Program
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Complaint Management
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Accessibility of infrastructure and services
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Prevention of sexual exploitation of children and adults in travel and tourism


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