FIVE Holdings’ philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the five elements: Earth, water, fire, air and consciousness. 

Earth represents trust and strong foundations; water represents fluidity and adaptability; fire represents passion and execution; air represents freedom and growth; and consciousness represents vision and our contribution to society and the economy.

We harmoniously balance both the spiritual and the material.  

These elements also symbolise the entrepreneurial qualities of our five founders. Their shared dynamism and devotion to innovation leads to a strong, cohesive team and manifests in over $2bn worth of real estate developments and over $100m in annual profits.



Earth represents FIVE Holdings’ trust and strong foundations. We believe trust is the foundation of success and the starting point of any sustainable journey or relationship. That is why we are proud of our low attrition rate and the fact our staff rate us highly in terms of trust*.  

Our strong foundations are represented by our $2bn real estate portfolio, which includes FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai; Villa Myra, Villa Pera and Cappadocia in Jumeirah Village Circle; Bahar 4 in Jumeirah Beach Residence; and SKAI Residency. We are also currently building the FIVE Jumeirah Village Dubai, which is set to open in 2018, and have two other projects in the pipeline.

*Towers Watson internal survey



Water represents FIVE Holdings’ fluidity and adaptability. Our fluid approach to business means we are constantly able to adapt to ever changing market conditions in order to stay ahead of the curve. For example, in June 2008, we exited our real estate positions just before the real estate crisis hit and reentered again in December 2010 when we recognised signs of recovery.

In 2012, we acquired the land for FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai hotel and residences in what was the first and largest largest transaction to date following the real estate crisis. We are also proud to be the first Dubai-based real estate developer to sell hotel rooms to investors, enabling them to take part in Dubai’s successful hospitality story.



Fire represents FIVE Holdings’ passion and execution. Our passion has enabled us to build one of the most progressive real estate companies in the region with annual profits of over $100m. In 2016, we successfully delivered over two million sq. ft. of luxury real estate, 45 days ahead of schedule. We also remain on track to open our FIVE Dubai Jumeirah Village in Q4 2018, despite a fire during construction.

We are passionate about the evolving real estate sector in Dubai and offering new opportunities to investors. In 2017, we launched a $570m REIT, the only hospitality REIT of its kind in the region and the largest to date in the UAE. The Five REIT includes our FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai resort on the Palm with its range of lifestyle spaces, as well as future hotel developments. 



Air represents FIVE Holdings’ freedom and growth. In the last six years, we have grown from a company with just five members to over 600. We pride ourselves in our ability to grow at a sustainable pace through our principle of Synchronised Profitability, which is harnessed by our four key activities: development, hospitality, investment and restructuring.

Each of these four verticals play a key role in protecting the interests of the company and our stakeholders. Our business strategy is defined by a clear mandate to create, evolve and protect a self-sufficient economic model during the four stages of growth, oversupply, slump and recovery.



Consciousness represents FIVE Holdings’ vision and our contribution to society and the economy. We are driven by our vision to create a company that is successful in business and positively impacts those around us. We provide our employees’ children with free schooling from nursery to university while our Home Ownership Programme provides real estate in our new developments at cost and with an internal interest free structure.

We also work with a number of children’s organisations and support individual cases. Project Udaan, in partnership with the Diya India Foundation, provides funding for a child’s heart operation a day while our regular donations to the New Faces Trust pays for life changing surgeries to children born with facial deformities.