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At FIVE, we are committed to the highest levels of ethics and integrity in the way that we do business. We understand that this is crucial to our continued success and reputation.

FIVE encourages an open and transparent system of working and dealing among the Employees, Directors and Business Partners, by adopting the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior, fostering an environment of honest and open communication and discussion across the company.

FIVE’s Whistle-Blower Policy is an important element in preventing any illegal/unethical practice and non-compliance to the Code of Conduct. A safe, harmonious and productive work environment is ensured where grievances are dealt with fairly, sensitively and promptly through Grievance Policy.

FIVE’s Employees, Directors or Business Partners will not engage in retaliation, retribution or any form of harassment directed against the Whistle-Blower who has reported or is considering to report a concern.


If you are an employee and come across any instances of retaliation, you can report to the Ethics and Compliance Committee, or Audit and Risk Committee through the complaint channel.

FIVE Holdings_Whistle-Blower Policy.pdf

FIVE Holdings_Grievance Policy.pdf

Ethics and Compliance email ID [email protected]

Ethics and Compliance Helpline Contact Number: +971-42475270