Accessibility of infrastructure and services



FIVE considers accessibility to be a social right and is committed to promoting accessible hospitality. We offer a range of accessibility arrangements, including specially-abled rooms with duress alarms, augmentative and alternative communication, and non-allergenic bedding.

FIVE has a policy on accessibility and services that aims to provide accessibility support to employees, guests, and any associated stakeholders, breaking down barriers and meeting accessibility requirements for all. FIVE strives to constantly improve accessibility measures at their properties, focusing on differently abled individuals. FIVE engages in notifying the public about the availability of accessible formats, individualized emergency response information, and communication support.  This policy encompasses everything offered and is to be an integral consideration for all products, infrastructure, and services at FIVE facilities. The hotel staff is delighted to offer inclusive services to make guests’ stay at FIVE memorable.

FIVE Policy on accessibility of infrastructure and services.pdf

Measures on Promotion of Accessibility of Infrastructure and Services.pdf

Implemented Measures at FIVE.pdf