Leadership is about living up to the standards you want others to follow. We set the highest ethical standards for ourselves. That means a diverse and inclusive workforce, industry-leading technology, exceptional safety and quality, and constant, customer-first innovation.

Our Team
Chairman and Founder, FIVE Holdings


A disruptive and innovative visionary, Kabir Mulchandani, Chairman and Founder, FIVE began his journey in Dubai in 2004 in Real Estate and by 2011 he realised the benefits of uniting real estate with hospitality, which resulted in the inception of FIVE.


Mulchandani has built a people-first culture right across FIVE Holdings’ hotels and resorts. A culture, as he puts it, “based on hiring people who love people. Where we constantly ask the question, ‘what do we, as consumers, want to feel’. Because once you are providing value, there is money to be made. Guests will keep coming back.”


Mulchandani has taken his homegrown success to Europe, by opening the doors to FIVE Zurich. This destination hotel in the Swiss city is driven by the same qualities that Kabir worked to instill in the group’s Dubai properties: an obsession with customer service, brilliant entertainment and world-class global cuisine in a spectacular setting. Kabir’s ambition is to develop our presence in continental Europe and the UK, and beyond.


Mulchandani has already led FIVE Holdings to industry-leading sustainability success. Overcoming energy needs through a net surplus of power while cultivating mind-body-spirit sustainability, this eco-conscious concept will transform urban living. Rooted in proven-concept reality, he stands ready to revolutionize the planet’s ustainable building of tomorrow.


A key proponent of FIVE Cares, Kabir Mulchandani’s philanthropic efforts have included the launch of Project Udaan, which helps children in India with life-saving heart operations- 354 to date. Mulchandani was awarded Philanthropist of the Year by CEO ME.

Director, FIVE Holdings


Emirati entrepreneur, Nadia Zaal co-founded UAE-based Zaya Group (a boutique developer specialising in high-end real estate development and hospitality) and is currently the CEO of Al Barari Group (a multi-awarded real estate development and hospitality company).


Nadia Zaal’s role was pivotal in the development of Zaya Nurai Island. Her undying passion for sustainability is evidently reflected in Zaya’s inaugural project in Abu Dhabi. The island had the region’s first floating solar plant in the sea generating 30 Percent of the power for the island. Zaal’s mission to create sustainability in the luxury real estate world was further extended through the introduction of public solar lighting throughout the island as well as transportation solely via use of electric buggies. Moreover, the novel and visionary ‘green carpet’ concept also ensures that Nurai is designed to appear as a ‘virgin’ sland with minimal concrete views across the panorama of the landscape.


Nadia Zaal was the driving force behind the Al Barari project, a first mixed-use development to target the premium segment of the real estate market while still focusing on the concepts of sustainability and eco-conservation. With Al Barari, Zaal created the lowest-density lush microclimate community in the region which was conceptualised keeping greening practices in mind and encouraging strong social interactions with ample community space, specially for children. Al Barari also recycles all its grey water and green waste to use for composting.

Women in Leadership Award in 2018
Arab Women Award for Business in 2019
Business Innovator Award in 2022
CEO, FIVE Hospitality


Batra, a co-founding member of FIVE, is a driving force behind FIVE Hospitality’s success. His determination that all our properties are equipped with leading-edge hardware and software creates the seamless guest experiences and high profit margins that characterise our hotels. He has also been recognised as one of the Top 100 CEOs in the Middle East by Forbes ME in 2022 while his relentless efforts to integrate sustainability and technology into the business enabled FIVE to be recognised as one of the Most Innovative Companies of The Year in 2022 (the only Hospitality Group included in the Annual List) by Fast Company Middle East.


As CEO, Batra is a leading tour de force at FIVE Hospitality. His ethos at FIVE Hotels and Resorts, reflects an ecosystem with high quality property hardware and cutting-edge experiential software, which allows the brand to drive high performance (for both customer satisfaction scores and revenue records) and has therefore, consistently outperformed competitors. Batra lays emphasis on creating bespoke ‘Vibe at FIVE’ experiences for FIVE’s guests – ones that compete successfully against stand-alone F&B venues and hotels – as well as nightlife destinations; all under one roof.


The strength of the brand has directly resulted in lower costs and higher profitability margins, ultimately leading to higher direct brand revenues – this is proven by direct bookings growing from 25% in 2019 to approximately 54% in 2022.


He is the creative genius behind hugely successful homegrown concepts such as Dubai’s iconic rooftop destination, The Penthouse, FIVE’s signature Italian, Cinque and MSG-free, gourmet Chinese, Maiden Shanghai at FIVE Palm Jumeirah along with immersive street-food dining experience, Soul St. and Jumeirah Village Circle’s first ever nightclub, The Mansion at FIVE Jumeirah Village.
A seasoned hotelier and culinary expert, Aloki is the brain behind FIVE’s renowned dining concepts. His aim in creating these
homegrown F&B concepts was to cater to Dubai’s multicultural diaspora – with varied palates, thus proving that original offerings were able to be stratospherically successful with locals and visitors alike.

Nabil Akiki
CEO, FIVE Development


Akiki leads design, development, and construction management of FIVE’s projects. Together with his team at FIVE he has won over 41 regional and international awards.


With over two decades of experience in design, development, master planning, project management and construction of diverse and mixed-used developments, Akiki, a co-founding member of FIVE, is the mastermind behind the phenomenal architecture of FIVE’s projects.


Akiki has delivered a range of world-class projects including hospitals, commercial, residential and luxury hotels and resorts in the GCC, North Africa, Middle East, and Europe, Akiki has a first-class degree from INBA in Beirut. he received his Master’s in Architecture from the École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris on a special scholarship and graduated as Majeur De Promotion.

Jaydeep Anand
Group COO and Group CFO, FIVE Holdings


Anand brings deep experience and relentless innovation to both the human culture of our Group - and to its finances. His mantra, that he applies every day, to every aspect of work is “Synergy, Creativity and Long-term Strategic Forward Thinking!”.

Anand, a co-founding member of FIVE, is a global authority on building, sustaining and recognising high-trust, high-performing workplace cultures. His aim for FIVE was to put the focus on our people – the FIVE Tribe – and how best to support and encourage a thriving culture. The FIVE Tribe is a collection of vibrant multi-cultural and multi-faceted colleagues. Anand oversees the forward-thinking Vibe at FIVE culture that is so important to our success.

FIVE has achieved pole position in the Middle East by Great Places To Work – ranking ahead of gargantuan hospitality entities such as Hilton, Jumeirah and Address.

FIVE was recognised as the Best Hotel Group, a Top 10 Workplace for Women and ranked No 7 for Millennials across all categories in the Middle East by Great Places To Work in 2021.

Using his fiscal insights and industry knowledge, Anand was a key member of the acquisition team of FIVE LUXE. He used his expertise to secure USD 200 million to acquire FIVE LUXE, a loan worth USD 70 million against FIVE Jumeirah Village, and one of CHF 50 million to acquire FIVE Zurich’s premises.

Applying his engineering expertise with a Cornell MBA, guided by a sustainable spirit, Jaydeep Anand drives the implementation of cutting-edge technology and streamlined operational efficiency, all rooted in sophisticated financial strategy. Under his leadership, FIVE has secured LEED Platinum (O+M: EB) for its Dubai resorts and has emerged as the only hotel group to receive SPIRE ratings, now home to the highest-rated smart luxury properties in the world.

As he strives to reduce carbon footprint, engage community, and steward the environment, Anand’s love for learning and a good challenge continue to set new precedents and awaken future possibilities within sustainable real estate development and luxury hospitality.