Environment, Social and Governance

Curating world-class entertainment experiences and the finest luxury living, FIVE recognizes the fate of our planet, and its business, rests in responsible stewardship of the environment. Driven by its core millennial base, FIVE has aligned with our planet’s arising generation to lead the way in ‘Sustainability Without Compromise,’ trailblazing the ultimate entertainment and luxury experiences within an environmentally and socially responsible framework.

By pursuing a ‘do more with less’ mindset and investing in the latest climate-conscious technologies, FIVE uncovered the symbiotic path of financial strength and sustainable strategy. Today, FIVE’s leadership have transparently and boldly committed to incorporating sustainability into the fabric of the business, broader strategic vision, and operational model. Why? FIVE embraces a goal congruence philosophy where customers, employees and shareholders align over financially-strategic and holistic sustainability initiatives, securing long-term business continuity.

To achieve our aspirations, each day we focus on improving our own sustainability performance through the way we run our business. A cultural mission above all, FIVE continues to cultivate Sustainability Champions recognizing that our colleagues hold the key towards unlocking carbon reduction and cost saving by improving our operations. Understanding that sustainability extends beyond our resorts, FIVE is focused on growing its engagement with its supply chain partners, a critical element to long-term progress and success. Finally, understanding that no business operates in a vacuum, has led us to not only curate robust wellbeing programs for our employees but extend our roots into the local and global community, capitalizing on social and environmental action. Focusing on our capacity to influence and collaborate within our value chain is fundamental to FIVE’s long-term contributions towards creating a more sustainable world.

With the formation of its board-level Sustainability Committee, FIVE has set course to accelerate the company’s maturity and growth to face the next stage of its corporate journey.

F-I-V-E Sustainability Policy Framework


  • Enhancing the energy, water and resource efficiency of our operations
  • Reducing emissions and managing climate related risk and opportunities
  • Evolving systems to support digitalization, artificial Intelligence, and automation


  • Integration of sustainability into corporate governance
  • Sustainable procurement and supply chain management

Vibrant Communities and Partnerships:

  • A positive community impact and relationships
  • Innovate to address social and environmental challenges
  • Setting high environmental and social standards in supply chain

Equal opportunity and empowered workforce:

  • Inspiring Intrapreneurship by encouraging new ideas and initiatives
  • Improving employee welfare
  • Ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion

FIVE is proud to state that its facilities are LEED Platinum Certified reflecting a Healthy, Efficient, Carbon and Cost-Saving Green Buildings. FIVE is the first hotel group to be certified by SPIRE for its Smart Building Performance, Life and Property Safety ensuring Holistic Sustainability.


FIVE has emerged with the highest ESG rating in the world to date (June 2023), as the only company to receive an ‘A’ grade across all sectors from global rating agency, ISS. Across all sectors, ISS’s ESG rating program provides companies with a score between ‘D-’and ‘A+’.

Prior to FIVE’s ESG achievement, the highest rating within the leisure sector, of which FIVE belongs, stood at ‘B’ with just one hotel in the world meeting the mark. With its ‘A’ ESG Rating, FIVE also secures ‘Prime Status’ within its Leisure Sector granted by “fulfilling ambitious absolute performance requirements”.

ISS’s stringent and comprehensive ESG assessment evaluated FIVE against 100 plus criteria across Environmental, Social and Governance topics, of which numerous subcategories provided a granular degree of assessment; this included within a given topic, evaluating FIVE’s policies, commitments, strategies, measures and reported data.

ISS’s granting of an ‘A’ ESG Rating validates FIVE’s comprehensive focus on sustainability as more than a single-sided approach but rather one that covers a full ecosystem of business activities. Its commitment to sustainability is evident not only in its operations but across its supply chain and broader community.

FIVE ISS ESG Rating.pdf

SPIRE Rating FIVE Palm.pdf


LEED Platinum Certificate FIVE Palm.pdf

LEED Platinum Certificate FIVE JVC.pdf

LEED Platinum Certificate FIVE Zurich.pdf

At FIVE Hotels and Resorts, we are committed to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. We are proud to announce that both our FIVE Palm Jumeirah and FIVE Jumeirah Village hotels have achieved the International REC standard for renewable energy, making all of our electricity consumption in 2022 green and sustainable.

Our commitment to renewable energy is reflected in our use of 100% green solar energy, which has allowed us to significantly reduce our reliance on traditional energy sources. This not only helps to preserve our planet for future generations, but it also supports our vision of providing our guests with a truly sustainable and responsible travel experience.

We are honored to have received the International REC certificate, which recognizes our efforts in promoting renewable energy and environmental sustainability. This achievement reflects our ongoing dedication to sustainable practices, and we will continue to strive towards reducing our environmental impact in the years to come.

IREC Certificate FIVE Palm.pdf

IREC Certificate FIVE JVC.pdf


FIVE is certified to ISO standards across all its operating hotels

ISO – 50001:2018.pdf

ISO – 9001:2015.pdf

ISO – 14001:2015.pdf

ISO – 27001:2013.pdf

ISO – 22000:2018-FIVE Palm.pdf

ISO – 22000:2018-FIVE JVC.pdf

ISO – 45001:2018.pdf

FIVE Sustainability Policy.pdf

FIVE Green Finance Framework.pdf

FIVE ISS Second Party Opinion (SPO).pdf

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