Community Program



FIVE’s Community Engagement forms a core part of its Sustainability strategy. Taking a holistic approach in how it defines ‘community’, FIVE’s programs include initiatives for employees, suppliers, and global and local community members alike. In addition, FIVE’s initiatives address a range of thematic areas across environmental, social and governance issues and are mapped to relevant SDG’s. FIVE’s community program is structured around fulfilling objectives and targets which aim to provide means of measuring growth and impact. These include quantitative goals relating to a specific focus area as well as broader process-based targets to enhance FIVE’s overall community program. FIVE monitors and evaluates its community program portfolio on a continuous basis and ascribes to periodic reviews to monitor its progress against its targets. These monitoring and evaluations are done through the relevant departments, namely the Sustainability and Risk and Compliance Teams. A distinct but interconnected exercise undertaken by FIVE is its tracking and disclosure of Community Spending. This is reported on an initiative level to provide transparency as to which thematic areas of FIVE are most aligned with FIVE’s philanthropic position. 

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FIVE endeavors to create opportunities for locals to benefit from tourism operations by promoting employment and business through various set of strategies and integration of local community in its business life cycle. This in turn helps in the creation of a sustainable and equitable tourism industry that benefits both the tourists and the local community.


Opportunities for locals from tourism operations

FIVE local community strategic measures are given below:

  • Collaborated with several local players for providing services to its guests such as local tour packages (for tourism and adventure activities across the cities, local cultural and heritage tours), high-end car services, photography, wellness services, salon services, etc.
  • Utilizes services of various vendors who are members of Dubai SME to support locals and SME section in the region.
  • Over 90% of FIVE’s total purchases are driven through local businesses/ vendors. Products are sourced locally through a comprehensive procurement process
  • Tie-up with several local vendors for the purpose of sourcing casual staff, when required
  • Tied up with 30+ local travel agents to facilitate booking rooms or F&B services.
  • Patron local artists and promote culture, featuring artwork displays throughout hotel property highlighting indigenous tradition
  • Feature Swiss musical and DJ talent throughout FIVE’s entertainment venues
  • Collaborate with Art University students to produce murals and guest room artworks for hotel

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FIVE Customer Awareness Strategy and Measures

As a responsible business operating in the tourism and hospitality industry, FIVE upholds the importance of educating guests on appropriate conduct, providing safety information, and sharing sustainability awareness and practices guests can adopt during their stay. This benefits the guests and the broader community by stewarding a collective consciousness that upholds safety and wellbeing towards FIVE’s environmental and social ecosystems and community.

FIVE Customer Awareness Topics Include:


  • Educating guests on FIVE’s sustainability achievements and strategy
  • Inviting guests to participate in FIVE’s sustainability by adopting eco-conscious behaviour


  • Protecting against child sex and forced adult sex
  • Ensuring wildlife and domestic animal welfare
  • Contact Information for reporting suspected crime or concern


  • Adhering to local manners in line with prevailing culture and its customs
  • Enjoying recreational activities without engaging in illicit activities
  • Accessing informational resources to understand local customs

Responsible Behaviour

  • Drinking Responsibly and planning transportation to maintain safety
  • Seeking consent before taking photographs of others
  • Not consuming, dealing, or trafficking in illegal substances or goods

FIVE Customer Awareness Strategic Measures Include:

  • Front Desk IPad displays
  • Registration Contracts at Guest Check-In
  • Guest Room IPTV displays
  • Employee Training on Customer Awareness Measures
  • Promotion Activities via website addressing guests, suppliers, etc.
  • Guest Room Amenities and Displays
  • Common Area Plaques and Wall Displays
  • Third Party Booking and Review Platforms

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