Complaint Management


At FIVE, we are fully committed to providing high-quality services to our customers. We recognize that effective complaint management is a critical aspect of achieving this goal, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all customer complaints are handled in a prompt, professional, and equitable manner.

Our commitment to effective complaint management is based on several key principles. First, we are committed to being customer-focused, meaning that we always prioritize the needs and expectations of our customers. Second, we are committed to maintaining consistency in our approach to complaint management, so that all complaints are addressed in a fair and equitable manner. Third, we place a high value on customer feedback, using it to inform our policies and procedures and to continually improve our services.


Customer complaint management at FIVE

FIVE monitors customer complaints through a dual approach viz. monitoring on the internal tool MessageBox and obtaining customer feedback and rating on online aggregator portals such as and expedia to identify any customer complaints. Detailed policies and procedural guidelines are available in the ‘Customer Complaint Management Policy’ which is hosted on the company website. FIVE empowers its staff to resolve customer complaints from the get-go to facilitate the best customer experience we can offer.

For all operational properties, complaints are recorded and reviewed in daily review meetings between key stakeholders and addressed within a maximum timeline of 24 hours (subject to any emergency complaints). To provide an overview of the customer complaint management, we have computed a KPI as “Number of complaints per cover” and have observed the monthly trend over the period of last six months (Sep 2022 – Mar 2023). Based on this KPI, we have identified a decreasing trend for customer complaints.


Number of complaints per cover


Performance & Targets to improve customer experience

As we continue to strive toward achieving excellence in customer experience, we have set a target of further improvement in this KPI by 5% till the end of 2023. For achievement of this KPI, we shall undertake the following measures –

  1. Ensuring 100% training for all customer-facing staff viz. Front Office, F&B, Housekeeping on communication skills, guidelines of the company, customer service, greeting, problem-solving, conflict resolution alongside knowledge of the property and products and services offered at the FIVE properties to address any customer concerns effectively
  2. Preparation of a training plan to provide quarterly refresher trainings on the above- mentioned practices
  3. Preparing a repository of frequent issues or suggestions received from customers and updating an action plan and timeline against these issues/ suggestions

All other practices such as regular maintenance activities, inspection for Food, Health, Safety and Environment shall continue to strive towards excellence of services provided to all our customers.


Complaints filing options for customer

At FIVE, we understand the importance of providing our customers with multiple channels to file complaints and provide feedback. We offer a variety of options, including online complaint forms, email, phone, and in-person complaint filing. We value our customers’ feedback and are committed to addressing all complaints in a timely and professional manner. For more details refer to FIVE compliant management policy.

Customer Complaint Management.pdf

FIVE Customer Complaint Management Policy.pdf