Customer Health, Safety and Security


FIVE has formulated a strategic management approach which prioritizes customer health, safety and security, with a guest-centered approach and proper tools and business practices in place. FIVE actively promotes an open attitude towards customer health and safety issues, encouraging reporting of misconduct and re-evaluating practices when necessary. FIVE has implemented policies for food safety, emergency response, customer security, disease control, as well as a customer complaint management policy for transparency and guest satisfaction.


Customer Health

As an endeavor to safeguard customer health, FIVE has adopted several measures to always protect customer health. Some indicative measures are illustrated as follows –

  • Food safety is ensured by use of proper safety gear in kitchens and by the serving personnel
  • Daily inspections
  • Adequate health and safety trainings are provided periodically to all food handlers and hotel personnel for emergency response in case of a health incident
  • Food test reports are performed for sample items through certified third-party laboratories
  • Disinfection activity is performed for pools and water tanks periodically
  • Internal paramedical team available 24/7
  • 24/7 ambulance facility available
  • Tie-ups with local hospitals and pharmacies
  • VIP doctor facility

Customer Safety

For facilitating customer safety, FIVE has implemented several policies and procedures –

  • Fire, Life, and Safety trainings for employees
  • Fire prevention risk assessments and fire drills
  • Potable water test reports for any pathogens
  • Periodic disinfection activities for the public area, water, and rooms
  • Indoor air quality reporting for our facilities
  • Availability of lifeguards near pool and beach area for employee safety
  • Employee training on safety measures


Customer Security

Security is one of the prime focus areas for FIVE. Measures implemented include the following –

  • Implementation of 24/7 CCTV cameras across the facilities approved by the local authorities
  • Periodic inspection by regulatory parties on the security system of the facility
  • SIRA (regulatory authority in Dubai) licensed security personnel hired through third-party vendors
  • Management reporting for security activities
  • Provision of security trainings to all employees
  • Emergency master key protocols
  • Emergency response procedures, crisis manuals and crisis communication protocols

Illustrative list of SOPs are listed below:


FIVE Customer Complaint Management Policy.pdf

FIVE Customer Health, Safety and Security Policy.pdf