Future-focused Energy efficiency and technology forms the foundation of a strong, stable, and climate-conscious operation.

We strive to implement the measures and processes of responsible energy consumption through the application of energy efficiency technologies, conducting periodic energy audits and prioritizing renewable energy resources in our future plans. FIVE’s Energy Management System is certified to the standards of ISO 50001:2018.

As a means of decarbonizing our energy consumption, FIVE acquired a Tesla fleet, transforming into an EV Guest Transportation System, adopted 100% LED lighting system and installed a smart Guest Room Management System (GRMS) as well as timer and motion-sensor controlled lighting which includes outdoor photocell lights.

All of FIVE’s properties curate extensive greenery to mitigate the Heat Island Effect, supporting nature-based and carbon-light cooling. The company’s existing 304 rooftop solar panels on FIVE Palm Jumeirah for water heating illustrate the company’s future-focused efforts on increasing renewable energy consumed per capita by 10% by 2030 compared to 2022 baseline of 19.95 (kWh/cover).

As part of its next-generation vision of sustainable indulgence, FIVE announced its copyrighted Net -Zero Electricity ‘Build-Tech’ tower design at Reuters NEXT in New York City. Applying existing renewable technologies to unprecedented vision and scale, FIVE’s Net-Zero Energy Project represents a revolutionary vision ready for implementation.

FIVE has developed a comprehensive policy within its ISO 50001:2018 certified energy management system aiming at improved cost-effectiveness and productivity, enhanced working conditions, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and contributing to waste reduction. FIVE has set a target of reducing electricity consumed per capita across all our portfolio by 40% by 2025 compared to 2020 baseline of 30.62 (kWh/cover).

Electricity consumed per Capita


Electricity Intensity

**We have created an overall target of reducing electricity consumed per capita by 5% for both Dubai and Zurich. In case of Zurich, we do not have a baseline in place since we have not completed an entire year for reporting.  

Renewable energy is an important source of energy reducing the fossil fuel consumption and carbon footprint on the environment. FIVE is committed to investing in renewable energy in promoting the sustainability of its buildings. Through the combination of solar projects and renewable energy agreements, FIVE has set the ambition of increasing renewable power generation across its portfolio.

Leading at the forefront of the UAE’s ‘Year of Sustainability,’ FIVE has broken ahead as the first and only hotels in the UAE to obtain the International Renewable Energy Certification Foundation (I-REC) to achieve 100% renewable electricity for 2022.

Our commitment to renewable energy has allowed us to significantly reduce our reliance on traditional energy sources and drastically reduce FIVE’s Carbon Use Intensity by 76.2% (MtCO2e/AED mn) compared to our 2020 baseline. This not only helps to preserve our planet for future generations, but it also supports our vision of providing our guests with a truly sustainable and responsible travel experience. FIVE is proud to have taken this leap forward in addressing its Sustainability Objective – Future Focused – by Reducing emissions and managing climate related risk and opportunities.

To date, FIVE has also installed 304 Solar Thermal panels on the roof of FIVE Palm Jumeirah for water heating. FIVE’s Luxe JBR Hotel, currently under construction, is poised to feature a Solar Façade of over 3500 square meters as well as solar thermal and electricity panels on the 9th and  54th floor podiums.

Energy performance efficiency are maximized in the first instance by reducing the load on the building through passive design, while the active systems are designed to be as energy and water efficient as possible. Finally renewable energy systems are employed, where practical and possible, to provide some of the energy needs.

In case of new construction projects, FIVE emphasizes the use of higher efficient designing, passive energy saving, energy efficiency fixtures measures which supports the objective of using renewable energy sources. Building projects design shall show allocated space and pathways for installation of on-site renewable energy systems and associated infrastructure.

FIVE for its existing energy consumption has obtained I-REC’s (Renewable Energy Certificates) for its operational Dubai properties, FIVE Palm Jumeirah and FIVE Jumeirah Village providing 100% Renewable Energy for the two hotels’ electricity in 2022.

With regards to its future vision, FIVE has released a Net Zero Electricity building design which will apply solar panels to its entire façade to generate a net surplus of energy against the building’s energy demand. This copyrighted architectural design and unique application of renewable energy technology models FIVE’s ambition to evolve into a leader in sustainable hospitality and real estate development where its buildings run entirely on renewable energy.


Energy by Source

By 2025, FIVE will reduce its energy consumed per capita by:

A. 40% for its Dubai hotels from 2020 baseline of 3.4 (GJ/Cover)

B. 5% for its Zurich hotel from 2022 baseline of 0.22 (GJ/Cover)


ISO 50001 – Energy Management.pdf

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Sustainability on construction activities

At FIVE, we are proud to uphold our commitment to sustainability in all aspects of our operations, including our construction activities. We understand the importance of minimizing our environmental impact and strive to implement practices that promote energy efficiency and waste management in our construction endeavors.

Sustainability in Construction Activities.pdf