FIVE'S Community Programmes


Through its world-class developments, luxury lifestyle hospitality, high-energy entertainment, innovative sustainability, and extensive philanthropic engagements, the FIVE Brand represents a transcendent passion for connection and life.

Recognised as ‘Philanthropist of the Year’ at the CEO Middle East Awards 2018, FIVE Founder and Chairman, Kabir Mulchandani maintains direct involvement in driving the charitable activities of the FIVE Group.

Healthcare, Education, Social Inclusivity and Environmental Action stand as long-term strategic areas under the FIVE Community Program Portfolio. To date, FIVE has funded over 800 life-saving heart and face surgeries through long-term relationships with specialty hospitals, contributing nearly $2mn to charitable causes, including $200k to literacy and girls-empowerment programs. The company maintains the FIVE CARES emergency relief fund for employees and their relatives and supports local environmental action groups, sponsoring expert sustainability panels and participating in habitat restoration, tree planting and recycling drives. FIVE continues to grow its local and global presence supporting People of Determination providing organizational funding and volunteering cohorts to foster an inclusive and empowered future.

With the acquisition of the Pacha Group, FIVE will further activate the Pacha Foundation to continue its impact programs within and beyond the Ballearic Islands.


We will continue to foster long-term community partnerships