Health and Safety


FIVE prioritizes Health and Safety by complying with relevant regulations and mandates, setting targets for constant improvement, and performing periodic audits.

FIVE has been certified with the ISO 45001 standard, for Occupational Health and Safety within the work environment by engaging employees through delegating responsibilities to managers, supervisors, and personnel with sufficient information, instructions, training, and supervision.

FIVE aims to achieve the highest levels of physical, mental, and cognitive health beyond compliance with the applicable regulations. The company follows a written occupational risk assessment and adopts all necessary precautions to minimize danger to acceptable levels. FIVE’s Health and Safety Policy is globally applicable, defining its principles and commitments to sustainability, occupational health and safety, workplace wellbeing, and emergency management. FIVE conducts staff training to ensure a world-class safety culture, prioritizing prevention of incidents and safeguarding health and safety of its colleagues. We have internal documents and SOPs for emergency response and crisis management wherein detailed steps are updated to ensure that the health and safety of all our stakeholders is maintained.

FIVE Health and Safety Policy.pdf

ISO 45001 – Health and Safety Management System.pdf

FIVE has a detailed framework to track and manage any work-related incidents which may occur at the operational or construction sites. We all emergency procedures as per our policies to safeguard and manage the health and safety of our employees. We have nurses available at our sites in case of any work-related accidents to minimize the impact and provide the right aid to all our employees, staff, or any other personnel at our site.

At FIVE hotels, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our employees and guests. In order to maintain a safe working environment, we closely monitor our Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR), which is calculated by considering only major workplace accidents that result in a person visiting the hospital and losing work time. Our goal is to continually reduce our LTIFR by implementing rigorous safety protocols, providing regular training to our staff, and conducting thorough risk assessments. We believe that a safe workplace is essential to providing excellent service to our guests and to ensuring the health and safety of our employees. Therefore, we encourage all of our employees to report any safety concerns they may have and to work together to maintain a safe and secure environment for everyone.

*Includes employees of FIVE Zurich (Jul 2022 – Dec-2022)              

For our properties under construction, FIVE Luxe JBR (acquired in Sept-2021), work-related accident rates are as follows:

Note – these accidents apply only to our contracted workforce at site (which is handled by the site managers and the third-party personnel)

In addition to our detailed health and safety measures, we have implemented a FIVE CARES Program for the benefit of all our staff and their families. FIVE CARES program intends to offer monetary support in form of medical assistance to all its employees in case of any critical illnesses.

FIVE Cares Policy.pdf