Hotels are water-intensive businesses, and water scarcity is a pressing concern for operators who rely on this fundamental resource to meet guests’ needs across luxury entertainment, rooms and food and beverage. Importantly, water security extends beyond a hotel’s immediate environment as disruptions in supply chains can lead to major consequences. As a result, and in consideration of climate change, the role of managing climate related risks and proper value chain management is increasingly important.

At FIVE, our goal is to promote water stewardship, especially within our high-risk geographies, and implement the measures to minimize water use across our business. By optimizing the perfect balance of water conservation measures in line with sustained luxury quality, we synthesize operational technology with guest experience to strike the perfect balance.

FIVE’s water management policy and water report emphasize sustainable water management through conservation and repurposing measures that minimize waste. FIVE water management policy and water report governs the use of this precious resource, water efficiency measures and sets strategies and action plans for reducing the water consumption. FIVE has set a target to reduce water consumed per capita by 45% by 2025 compared to 2020 baseline of  479.44 (litres/cover).

FIVE’s Dubai assets consume water produced through desalination given the underlying geography’s resource profile alongside the use of packaged drinking water. However, FIVE Zurich draws its water consumption from fresh water sources, approximately 70% from Lake Zurich and 15% from groundwater sources and 15% from Spring water. FIVE has set water reduction targets for all its properties.


Water Inventory and Water Consumed per Capita

*FIVE Zurich started operations in June 2022

Cover : Covers are defined as total number of guests staying in our room and guests visiting the F&B outlets

Water reduction targets and action plans are part of FIVE’s water management report.


Water Management Policy and Report.pdf

Water Risk Report by AQUEDUCT.pdf

Water and freshwater reduction measures.pdf